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As an herbalist, doula and midwife in training, I provide education, herbal and consultation services to women throughout the birth process. The birth process starts before conception and continues into pregnancy and child rearing. My aim is to help women begin preparing their mind, body, and spirit for birth and the years to come as a healthy and balanced mother.

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Stephanie Berry has completed over 500 hours of classroom herbal studies, with 2 years of herbal preparation, wildcrafting and distribution of herbal medicine. She has studied with Susun Weed and The Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine as well as many years of self study of herbs, Macrobiotics and food as medicine.

"More practical knowledge of birth and herbs comes from my experience in the birth of my daughter Kira Shan.  Kira was born April 2006 at home assisted only by mama Stephanie, daddy Joe and the universal energy. 

Together we labored for 9 1/2 hours and joyfully welcomed Kira at 4:30 a.m. Not only did I gain tremendous self confidence and self knowledge, I learned how to give and take, and listen to my partners. I prepared throughout pregnancy with the support of many herbs and many friends.  Ultimately birth is what you make it, and the molding can start when ever you decide."

Stephanie is a graduate of Vidaluna Doula Certification Program and is attending home births, hospital birth or birth in a setting of your choice.  She is also completing the Women's Herbal Educator course to further her knowledge of woman's health and herbal healing.

Stephanie worked for 4 years as an educational aid to children with Autism.  She studied and used the Soma® Rapid Prompting Method in her time as teacher and friend in the Autistic community.

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